AQSTAR privacy Policy
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AQSTAR privacy Policy


Welcome to AQSTAR, an aquarium smart control mobile app.

AQSTAR or Shanghai Ledstar Electronic Technology Co., LTD. (" we ") firmly believe that we must protect the privacy of the personal data you share with us. We also believe that it is important for us to let you know how we will use your personal data and to give you options on how to use it. Therefore, we recommend that you read this Privacy Statement carefully before making a choice and authorizing us to use your information as stated in this Privacy Statement.


The scope of this privacy statement

This Privacy Statement (the "Privacy Statement") applies to all consumer’s personal data collected through the use of Ledstar Aquatic Products (“the Products”), AQSTAR applications (the "Applications"). The products and websites controlled by AQSTAR are collectively referred to as "services".

In addition to any AQSTAR terms and conditions and other policies regarding the Services, this Privacy Statement will also apply and not be limited to:

Note that in some cases, you need to create an AQSTAR account in order to use the Service (for example, to control your Product through the Application)use the "Create Accounts" section of the readme application to create and manage accounts. For more information about the personal data collected in the AQSTAR account, please visit the "How we collect Your Personal data and what Personal data we collect" section of this statement.


Why do you share your personal information with us? (Our purpose)

Only if you provide us with your personal information can we provide you with the services you purchase, including but not limited to:

Use of the Services;

Use other applications, products and functions provided by AQSTAR or third parties that can be connected to the Services.

Convenient for you to get after-sales service.

Save setup time by saving your preferences.

Get benefit from software updates.

Improve site/application functionality by analyzing usage statistics.

Help us to develop products that meet your needs, optimize customer service, and continuously improve our "service".

In addition, if you choose to register for another service, we are able to provide you with the following (as the service requires), including but not limited to.

Communicate with you in a personal and timely manner, such as responding to your contact requests.

Register your purchase so that you can get the full benefits of your purchase;

Participate in online communities.

Receive personalized information, information and special offers related to your personal interests.

Ledstar uses the highest quality data security tools to secure your data and protect your AQSTAR account from unauthorized access.


What kind of personal data do we collect?

The type of personal data we collect depends on how the data is collected.

By using the Site and the Application, we will collect your (including but not limited to):

IP address,

The user’s ID,

Type of device connected to the AQSTAR application (including but not limited to),

ID number of the device,

Usage data,

Crash data,

Your product specification,

Name of your accessories.


We will store these usage data to provide you with the corresponding after-sales service and troubleshooting. We will store usage data for the duration of our service.

If you choose to enable geo-fencing on this application, we will also process your location information.

Before AQSTAR stores the data, it is securely transmitted over SSL and then "hashed" or encrypted into a string of meaningless Numbers and letters. After hashing the MAC address, AQSTAR does not attempt to re-identify the original MAC address from the data.

Access or change your Settings, or upload scenes or images. Please note that any scene or image you choose to upload is open to the public and must be used through our API. Use of the API shall follow the TERMS of use of the API, including the terms of this Privacy Statement.

Create an account on AQSTAR(My AQSTAR), we may collect your (including but not limited to):


E-mail address,





The configuration of the product you purchased.

Using the account created on My AQSTAR, we may collect your (including but not limited to):

Information on the use of the Services;

You select the scene and image to upload.


Purchasing on AQSTAR

If you choose to purchase products through AQSTAR, we may collect additional personal information to complete the transaction, assist you to submit orders and settle the items you purchased. We may collect your (including but not limited to):

First/last name,

E-mail address,

Payment information,

Billing and shipping address,

Telephone number,

The invoice,

Order records.

In addition, we may share information with service providers to help us collect product reviews from consumers who have purchased our products on AQSTAR. If you choose to provide reviews for the products you purchase, we will also collect your product reviews.


If you choose to use the additional services we provide, such as participating in promotions, subscribing to newsletters, we may request or obtain certain personal information, such as your (including but not limited to):

First/last name,

E-mail address,

Social media profiles,

Age/date of birth,

Usage and activities of AQSTAR page.


How do we keep your information and for how long?

We will normally only collect your personal data for the purposes we have notified you or as required by any contract or applicable law and will take appropriate measures to protect the security of your personal data. Note that publicly accessible copies of the data (such as the scenes and images you choose to upload) may still be visible on cached and archived pages, even if you have deleted the data, or if other users or third parties using the Ledstar (Shanghai) API have copied or stored the information. Please note, the Internet can store information forever. Any content you choose to share publicly may remain online indefinitely. Be careful before you decide to make these images and scenes public.


Your choice

We want to know more about you so that we can provide better service and at the same time respect your choice in the use of your personal data.

Your personal data may be transferred from your country/region to Ledstar (Shanghai), and we will communicate with you about AQSTAR products, services or special offers that you may be interested in. If you do not wish us to send you personalized activity plans or information, you can let us know by checking the appropriate box on your registration form or reply card, or by choosing "Unsubscribe" from any email you receive.

If required by local law, we may require you to "select" or expressly consent to our use of your personal data. For example, if local law requires, we will send you newsletters only after you subscribe. Similarly, if local law requires it, we will ask you to "select" and then use the technology to process your personal data. With the personal data processing technology, we can view your purchase history and website usage, and then customize the newsletter and other information according to your interests.


Special message for parents

Since AQSTAR is not produced for children under the age of 13 (or the minimum age equivalent under the relevant jurisdiction), AQSTAR's policy meets the legal requirement to obtain parental or guardian permission before collecting, using or disclosing information on children under the age of 13 (or the minimum age equivalent under the relevant jurisdiction).

We strongly recommend that parents take the initiative to monitor their children's online activities. If you are sure that we collect is dissatisfaction at the age of 13 (or in the relevant jurisdiction under the minimum age of equal) staff personal information, please contact us at


Changes to this Privacy Statement

The services provided by AQSTAR are constantly improving, and the form and nature of the services provided by AQSTAR may change at any time without prior notice. Therefore, we have the right to change this privacy Statement or add new content at any time. Any material amendments will be made public on the website.

We will post a statement in a prominent place on the Privacy Statement page notifying you of significant changes to the Privacy Statement, and at the top of the statement will indicate when it was last updated. We recommend that you check this page periodically for the latest version.

The new privacy statement takes effect as soon as it is published, and if you do not agree with the revised statement, you should change your preferences or consider stopping using the AQSTAR page. By continuing to access or use our services after these changes have taken effect, you agree to be bound by the revised privacy statement.


Contact us

If you want to process the following, can through the contact window and contact us:

Ask us any questions about the privacy statement.

Request a copy of your personal data or change/delete your personal data.

Select unsubscribe to stop receiving any personalized services or messages from Ledstar (Shanghai) in the future.


Our address

You can be in the "contact us" section of the website to find our address. If you have any concern about our application of your personal data, please let us know and we will do our best to address your concerns.